Site Management Features  

  • Content Management without Programming

    Administrators and authorized users can add pages to their site. New pages automatically appear on the site menu and the site map. Look and feel for the new pages is determined by the current Skin. Adding or changing text content can be as easy as copy and paste. Page content and functionality is build by adding and organizing modules on the site pages.

  • Centralized Security

    Offers robust features for dealing with the permissions and controlling the tasks a particular user is allow to perform. It does this with a roles-based security module, where every page and module in the site is assigned roles that determine what the user is allowed to do.
    Administrators have the option of setting permissions at several levels. A user may be allowed access to edit certain modules, or be given access to edit an entire page. This allows very granular control over the actions of the users.

  • Site Administration

    All aspects of the site can be managed through the site settings pages: title of site, search engine description and submission, user welcome messages, logo, background, skins and many other settings can be customized with no programming intervention.

  • Integrated Error Management and Reporting

    Built in logging and error reporting infrastructure makes posfront very manageable and reliable. Administrators can monitor site usage and performance and ensure that third-party or custom modules are well integrated and functional.

  • File Management.

    This powerful tool allows administrators the ability to upload files directly from their desktop to their site. Any uploaded file becomes instantly available to be used on the site, or listed in a module that handles documents or file downloads.

  • Extensive marketing facilities

    POSFront contains extensive marketing facilities to enable selling your products online . POSFront has special features as Special offers and campaigns
    •  The Special Offers lets you place targeted offers on your site.
    •  Campaigns discount.
    •  You are able to view the number of times your site has been accessed by the users. This will help you gauge the sale value of your products.

    Customized newsletters can be sent through POSFront to let customers know about new promotions and campaigns in the store

  • Easy and secure customer payment options

    POSFront enables users to place orders easily in the secure part of the server using SSL encryption •  Orders are stored in the database and email notifications are sent. •  Emails sent through POSFront can be customised •  Facility to monitor the details of Orders by admin.

  • Configurable business settings

    POSFront includes powerful tools that allow you to put all your business rules into your online store. •  Shipping charges can be set for shipping zones; weight of the products    ordered or order value.
    •  Product prices can be set with respect to web specific pricing and
    •  also discount pricing.
    •  Product prices can be displayed as exclusive or inclusive of tax

Microsoft RMS Integration  

POS Front is completely integrated with Microsoft Retail Management System (MRMS). This enables the user to manage site content from a single point. Posfronts site manager module helps in syncronising rms and website data. Items, department, categories set up in stores are recreated in the web system with a few clicks. The web orders are downloaded to the store for futher processing :


  • Upload the RMS departments, categories, inventory data in the web . Create additional levels also

  • Define additional attributes for the item and display in the web.

  • Update multiple item images and html content.

  • Process web orders through RMS.

  • Integrate customer journals, order history, returns with the website.

  • Sell/ Redeem gift voucher online and in rms.

  • Customer can view rms and web transactions from his website login.

  • Update stock and prices on WEB whenever it changes in RMS or optionally choose a separate stock/ pricing for web.

  • Integrated rmsstore instore loyalty system with online website loyalty system.

  • Download orders to HQ and route the orders to store based on stock, location criterias.