POSFront is an ecommerce product from rmsstore.com. The product is developed in .net based on market leading open source product dotnetnuke. Product listing, site hosting, web design, content management, security, and membership options are all easily managed and customized through simple, browser-based tools.

This is a product used across 100, 000 production websites across the world. It is a highly scalable product supporting web server farms for high traffic websites. Posfront is fully integrated with Microsoft RMS making the job of managing your website inventory and orders a seamless job. It offers all the features to quickly setup and manage an online shop. It ensures all your business rule settings in your RMS Stores and HQ is followed in the web. Thus ensuring a single point for controlling your web orders, inventory, campaigns etc.

It does not leave you with just a web store for selling goods. It provides:-

  • Internet marketing tools like Internet campaigns, Newsletters, Configurable competition pages, Search Engine Optimization, eBay integration etc.
  • Website Analytics: This helps you analyze your web site traffic, buying habits with its inbuilt website analytics tool or with the integrated google analytics module.
  • HQ/Store Web Order Router: This ensures the internet orders are automatically routed to the store based on stock level availability or other configurations. The stores can again reject/accept /transfer your orders as needed ensuring your customers order is taken care in the best fashion.


POS Front offers a host of features that are completely customer centric:

  • A powerful Search facility allows shoppers to search for items from any page
  • The customer has the option to buy from the site with/without registering.
  • Credit card processing with POSFront is completely secure and all payment, subject to realization, will be processed quickly
  • Customers also have the option to make purchases via gift vouchers through POSFront
  • The Bookmark feature allows customers to add items to a wish list
  • The Shopping Cart feature will allow customers to choose different products and make the payment purchase for the whole lot.
  • Inbuilt Content management system makes it easy for administrators, content editors, developers, and designers to manage all aspects of their web assets. Wizards, content-sensitive help, and a well-researched user interface provide a smooth user experience
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