Our extensive experience in providing quality e-commerce solutions qualifies us to assist you in developing your site commerce. We can help you on issues ranging from payment gateway integration to tips on how to increase user hits to your site

We also advise our clients on site usability issues namely site builder composites so that it will provide you with the know how to aid you in processes like integrating a store in to a larger corporate web site, cross browser and channel compatibility, site feed through, order process etc.

We could also provide you with inputs on custom web development, coding and e-commerce standards

A few strategies in website design….

1. Effective Layout
The website layout must appear clear and pleasing to the viewer. Remember to user relevant content and colors that the viewer can identify with. Avoid cluttering your website design with too much information in too little space

2. Content
Focus the content that should be used in the web pages. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before it is posted on the site. The content provided should be information rich and helpful to the viewer. Review your web page objectives and your target audience and make your message suit that audience

3. Screen Resolution
The amount of scrolling required when a viewer visits the site is extremely critical to the chances of repeat viewership. Stretch layouts that would be compatible with any resolution will be most appealing to the viewer

4. Load Time
Make sure that your load time is low. Most people won't wait more than five seconds for a web page to load. The home page must have the least load time, as viewers are usually directly taken to that page first. Minimize Graphics, Flash and scripts as they hugely increase your file size. Use Server Side Include (SSI) files wherever possible. SSI files once called from the web server reside in its cache so on subsequent requests they load faster. All pictures, animations, graphics that you plan to use on your home page should be stored in the same directory as your main HTML program file. The use of tables to align and keep content is recommended as it gives a more attractive feel. Moreover they are faster to load and are easily generated from most HTML Editors.

5. Navigation
Options for smooth navigation must be addressed while designing your website. This is extremely important as it ensure that viewers will stay around to visit all the features that your site offers

6. Cross browser Compatibility
Make sure you check your site for compatibility with all the major internet browsers like Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, Opera 7.0 and Netscape Navigator 6+

These and many more will help you to bring about an effective design for your website